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Laptop Ponies by Rafa

V3 with Variations

Created by Rafa - Overwrites the *or Great* file

Download V3 LTP Variations

Per Rafa: This file includes a ton of variations for ponies, including 43 base coats, various white markings (leg, facial, minimal tobiano, overo), 2 shades of leopard appaloosa, a few duns with dun markings, possible blanket appaloosas, many eye colors, and possible "hoof polishes." Also included are pegasus wings and unicorn horns, each coming in a variety of colors. Other varieties include feathered legs, an assortment of mane & tail lengths, and different body thicknesses (you can get ponies that look like lean racing Thoroughbreds, and ponies with a little more to love).

As always, lower the fatness slider on your pony for a show ready "roached" or "braided" mane.

If these ponies look a little different from other LTPs, it's because they've been altered and updated. The neck has been swapped out for the technique I used for my more "advanced" horse file, giving it better shape and movement (I think!). The shape of the file is finally breedable, but I cannot get colors to pass how I want them to. For best breeding results, I still advise you hex your babies!

As always with my files, feel free to modify as you see fit. If you prefer a Dane overwrite, go for it.* If you want to strip some or all of the variations, feel free.

This file is really meant for people who would like to get into LTPs/build their herd but do not have a desire to hex ponies themselves or request them from others. Due to the absurd amount of variations, some ponies are going to look better than others and good luck pulling out identical ponies!

* This download now includes a Great overwrite (done by Jewellz) as well as the original Dalmatian overwrite.