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Manda V1 Breedfiles

By Manda

PW Dummy

A file that works in Petz Workshop, but not in the Petz games. When you are done hexing in PW, you need to open the file in LNZ Pro and transfer sections of it to the original breedfile or mod.
Download V1 PW Dummy


Download Original V1

Original Draft

Download Original Draft

"Unreleased" Draft

Download Unreleased Draft

Breedable with Variations

"Allows non-hexers to own and breed their own Manda V1s". Has a bunch of different coat colors and paintballs for all kinds of horses straight from the Adoption Center. It also breeds okay but the babies seem to inherit some strange colors or no texture in areas, so it still might be best to hex them. Still, it's neat to see all the different variations!
Download Breedable V1

By Rafa

Moving Tail & Optional Upright Neck with Braids

Two different files. With one, the tail moves like the Manda V2. On the second, the tail moves, plus the neck is more upright and it has optional braids. Sliding the Thin/Fat slider to 0 (with PetzA) "braids" the mane and tail.
Download Moving Tail & Upright Neck Mods

By Haubing

Light Draft

Download Light Draft