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Getting Started

Are you a new or newer member of Seeing Stars? If so, this is the place for you! Check out all the information below that will help you fit right in in no time!

Forum Rules

You can find these at Seeing Stars here.

1. You must be at least 13 years of age to join Seeing Stars.

2. One account per person.

3. Seeing Stars' show systems were created specifically with Seeing Stars in mind! Please do not take them and use them elsewhere.

4. Be considerate of other members. Venting, swearing, etc. is fine, but please remember we all have feelings! If you feel someone is being rude to you, or harassing you, please PM a staff member.

5. Every member is to be treated equally, regardless of their hexing abilities or popularity. Everyone is to be respected at SS.

6. Do not beg. Begging is more likely to cause other members to resist helping you out!

7. No fighting. If you have issues with someone, please PM a staff member for help.

8. Do not spam. Post only what's relevant in a thread! Do not double post if you can help it - you can either delete your last post and re-post (if you want to 'bump' the thread), or edit your last post (if you just want to add something more).

9. Follow the rules of each show discipline regarding how to enter, how to judge, and what sort of images to provide. Some shows do not allow image editing, others are entirely dependent on it.

10. Follow the rules of the hexer/breeder of your horse.

11. Signatures are to be no larger than 400px high x 600px wide, and avatars are to be no larger than 150 x 150.


Basically, just be thoughtful of others and make sure to read the rules & guides of the different show disciplines before you enter competitions, and you'll be set! :-)

Avatars & Signatures

While having an avatar and signature are not required, it's a nice way to customize your profile and stand out a bit. Most members put pictures of their petz or horses in them. Some do 'advertisements' for their stable or perhaps a breed they specialize in. The nice thing about the large signature height limit is that you can fit foal pictures in it, if you have a pretty baby you want to show off.

Forum Currency

Seeing Stars has a currency built in, SS, that you can accumulate through posting and contributing around the forum. Members sometimes create auctions, sell horses, sell raffle tickets, or charge breeding or stud fees in SS.

If you are active in shows, it doesn't take long to build up a nice stash of SS, so please don't go around posting spam, double-posting, or posting in shows just to say 'thanks' at the end. Those are all somewhat underhanded ways to gain more $$ without really contributing anything and it may annoy other members because they see activity on a thread, go there, and there's actually nothing new/relevant.

Each post in the forum will earn at least $10, except posts in Barns/Stables earn $0. Hosting a show earns $25 and entering a show earns $20. Posting from mobile, like on a phone or tablet, will unfortunately not add any $$ to your total. Once you've earned some SS, it's a good idea to transfer it to the bank until you want to spend it. Each day that you come and post on the forum, you will earn a small amount of interest and you'll eventually build up such a large stash of SS you'll never be able to spend it all!

You can find the FAQ about the currency at Seeing Stars here.

Acquiring Your First Horse

If you don't have a horse to compete with yet, there are quite a few members of the forum who would be happy to hex you one if you ask nicely! I'd recommend posting a 'wanted ad' here. It's also a good way to get more horses in general, so if you already have some, don't be afraid to request another!

Generally, it will be better if you have introduced yourself first so we have an idea who you are. Are you someone making a comeback from years ago? Are you new to petz or just to petz horses? Many of us frequent other petz forums too!

Also, while you can totally ask for a fancy Appaloosa, tovero, or dapple grey, I'd recommend going with something a bit simpler to hex so that you can get the horse quicker. Hexers are more likely to respond if it's not something that sounds complicated. A simple palomino, buckskin, chestnut, bay, black, etc. with some stockings and a blaze is going to be much easier to get than something with lots of spots or detailed markings. Make sure you also mention what breed or even a specific mod you'd like!

Check out the downloadable breeds!

Accepted Horse Files

Seeing Stars only accepts certain horse files.
These files are:

Manda's V1 & V2
Rafa's V2 & V3
Dane's Havoc Horse
and any breedfiles, AKA "mods", created using these files as a base.

While those are the only files accepted in the official show disciplines, there are Misc. shows for Laptop ponies. If you have ponies or horses from other files, you can still show them off and have a page in your stable for them - they're not banned or anything, they're just not allowed to compete in the official disciplines.