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By Rafa & Neco (and some clarifications by Jewellz)

Eventing is often referred to as an equestrian triathlon, as you compete in three different events over the course of three days. The first day is Dressage, where a horse must proves its willingness and athleticism. Day two is cross country, a marathon race over jumps and obstacles that tests a horse's endurance and stamina. Day three is show jumping, consisting of 12 - 15 jumps to broadcast the horse's agility and speed.

Poses Needed

You will need three poses for your horse. They are as follows:

Dressage: Any Dressage pose is accepted, such as level or near-level halts, the piaffe, the passage, a walk, collected trot or extended trot. A gallop or canter will not be accepted, as those are only for the cross country portion. Each pose must be as straight and level as possible.

Cross Country: A gallop, collected or extended. A canter is also acceptable. The horse may have one foot on the ground or be caught midflight with all feet off the ground. The head should be aligned as possible. Both gallops and canters must be as straight as possible and show off the horse's athleticism to the best of your ability.

Show Jumping: A horse in mid-jump through either the silver or gold hoop. We will not be accepting horse jumps as those block the body and poses ARE taken into account when judging a show. The horse should be as aligned as possible over the jump and caught in midflight. No other jumping pose will be accepted.


A horse will have six stat categories that will serve as bonuses when it comes to its participation in Eventing, and through competing and winning, the horse can then add to its stats to become even sharper in its chosen disciplines.

The stat categories are as follows:


These stats will play into each event in the following way: Dressage will use Impulsion/Discipline, Cross Crountry will employ Agility/Stamina and Show Jumping will highlight Speed/Scope. If your horse excels at Dressage, you'll want to invest a bit more into Impulsion and Discipline; if your horse is quick over the fences, Speed and Stamina are the way to go. Or if you'd like a more well rounded horse, you can focus on building up your stats in a more consistent way.

Each horse that begins Eventing starts with a base stat of 1 in every category! That means when you enter your first eventing show, your horse(s) will have 1 point in every stat, and be on a level playing field with other beginners and novices.

As time goes on and you enter more Event shows, your horse will garner extra points to put into its stats. For every show you enter, you will gain one point to put into one stat of your choice. You may pick any stat you choose, as hey, it's your horse! For every placement you get in third or above, you will earn 1 extra point to put into any category you see fit. So that means if you place third and above, you will get two points to put into your horse's stats.

All stats max out at 15 points! They cannot go above 15.

Eventing Levels

Much like the real world, Eventing on SS comes in four different levels - Novice, Preliminary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Eventing shows will state which level is accepted in the show, so novice horses compete against other novice horses.

Each level has stat markers that decree which horses can participate and when it's time for a horse to graduate to the next level. Below are the level types and their stat caps:

Novice: A horse that is just starting out, with stats between 1 and 4. Most horses will fall into this category as they begin their careers.

Preliminary: This is for horses with three stats at or above 4. Any horse that has 4 or higher in three of its stats will automatically graduate to Preliminary from Novice.

Intermediate: This is for horses with two stats at or above 8. Any horse that has two stats at 8 or above will automatically graduate to Intermediate from Preliminary.

Advanced: This is for horses with two stats at or above 12. Any horse that has two stats at 12 or above will automatically graduate to Advanced from Intermediate.

An Advanced-level horse (two stats at or above 12) is considered a Champion in Eventing.


You might want to familiarize yourself with the Gaiting Pose Guide, How-To, & Tips as well as the Jumping Pose Guide, How-To, & Tips. They're not hard poses to get, though! Eventing is actually one of the easier and funner disciplines, in my opinion.

The poses don't count a lot in the final score, so you don't have to be too picky about them!